September Newsletter from Montville Art Gallery

Winter seems to have missed Montville altogether and our artists are bringing in stunning and colourful works to match the new season – like Patricia Blee’s ‘Forest Royals’ and Karen Atkins ‘Visitant.’

Steve Tyerman is our featured artist for September, and his latest paintings of wildlife are now on display in the gallery and on our website. They are literally dripping with character! To celebrate his first collection here we are offering 20% off Steve’s work for the month of September.

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August Newsletter from Montville Art Gallery

August heralds the arrival of two new exciting artists at Montville Art Gallery. Bruce Buchanan, a world-class water-colourist with superbly detailed and evocative boat scenes, landscapes and man-made structures, reflecting his previous experience as an architect.


Steve Tyerman has bought in his new collection of native wildlife, viewed from his home in the hinterland. Small in scale but with huge impact, these thick impasto works have a character and vitality like no other, and are typical of Steve’s style.


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Artists of the Month: July

Artists of the Month

July:  Nicole Condon

August : Lethbridge Gallery Showcase

September:  Steve Tyerman

Internal renovations are nearly completed!

We are open 7 days as normal and look forward to seeing you in Montville!  Follow along with the renovation updates and new works & artists on Facebook and Instagram.