Tips for buying Art as a gift…

Art makes a perfect gift, because choosing the work for a friend or family member is a such a personal way to show how much they mean to you.  Receiving a unique piece of art will make the recipient feel very special, and there will be a shared memory every time that person looks at their painting or sculpture.

When deciding what to buy as a gift, think about what makes the person you’re gifting special, and you are on the way to choosing a lasting gift that they are sure to love.

There are a couple of things to take into consideration:

Think about how their home or office is decorated.   Do they prefer contemporary, neutral or minimal surroundings, or are they have more eclectic, rustic, colourful environments.  Consider their personal style and favourite colours as clues to choose art they will love.

Think about what they like to do best in their free time, and their passions.  Are they dog-lovers, bird watchers, avid gardeners or love cooking?  A surfer will love gazing at a relaxing ocean scene, a traveller at a scene from a city they love, a boatie at a sailboat moored on reflective water.

Giving smaller artworks can make a big impact, and allow the person you’re gifting more flexibility about where to display their new art.  Even if they live in an apartment or are short on wall space, they may have a shelf or bedside table that would look amazing with some new fine art.

Where there is a group of people contributing towards a present, eg retirement, milestone birthdays and anniversaries or weddings, we also have a gift registry whereby the recipient can either select a painting and have individuals contribute, or we can arrange a gift voucher for the recipient to choose an artwork after the event.

Original art makes a special gift for people of all ages, and it is never to early to encourage an appreciation of art, and your gift could be the beginning of a wonderful collection!