June 2024 Newsletter

The ocean features this month – we have many works on display that feature beaches, both local and far away. Many of our artists paint the sea, in different mediums, viewpoints and sizes.

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January 2024 Newsletter

Two featured artists this month – Wayne Malkin and Sophie Malkin. This father-daughter duo have an amazing collection of new works on display. New works also by Ian Mastin, David Hinchliffe, Nic Human and more.

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June Newsletter

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The featured artist for June is Brisbane-based contemporary impressionist David Hinchliffe. We have new works on display and he will be painting in the gallery on Sunday 11 June from 11am.

May 2023 Newsletter

Our featured artist this month is Svetlana Soldatova. Her thick lush artworks invite viewers into the realm of fantastical and dream-like creatures and landscapes. We also have new work by Colley Whisson, Denise Murray, Dale Marsh and more.

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April 2023 Newsletter

As the cooler temperatures arrive in Montville, we turn our attention to sun-drenched Italy.  Our newest artist to exhibit at the gallery has a lifetime of artistic success under his belt. Rick Everingham has delivered a superb collection of oils inspired from his numerous visits to Italy.  Experienced brushwork and a nuanced colour palette give a real flavour of the local culture. We also have new work by Wayne Malkin, Ian Mastin, Kim Herringe and other artists. Click here to see what’s new in the gallery this month.

Kate Graham – Featured Artist March 2023

31268 Juicy Pink, Kate Graham

Kate Graham – Featured Artist March 2023

Colour is the most important element of my work. The combinations that I can create – whether it’s working with harmony and balance or pushing the boundaries with colours you may not expect to see together – colour is explored with this new collection.” shares Kate Graham, our Featured artist for March.

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March 2023 Newsletter

This month we celebrate the vibrant colours of Kate Graham’s naïve landscape paintings and welcome renowned artist Rick Everingham to the gallery. Visit the Montville Art Gallery or browse our website to view new original work by Nicole Condon, Bruce Buchanan, John Pearson, Patricia Blee and Mela Cooke. Our collection of small solid bronze Wentorf sculptures has grown too.

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Karen Atkins – Featured Artist February 2023

31176 Out Of Step, Karen Atkins

Karen Atkins – Featured Artist February 2023

“My paintings are a meandering through personal experience and recollections. They celebrate the beauty and wonder of everyday events. I use texture and a colour drenched palette to tell stories and convey heartfelt emotions that I hope engage viewers and connect them to universal themes and feelings.”

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