Kate Graham – Featured Artist March 2023

Kate Graham – Featured Artist March 2023

Colour is the most important element of my work. The combinations that I can create – whether it’s working with harmony and balance or pushing the boundaries with colours you may not expect to see together – colour is explored with this new collection.” shares Kate Graham, our Featured artist for March.

When I work I have to see the painting that I’m creating before I start but I do experiment, I just have a plan in place first and adapt as I go, which is what I did with these paintings. They showcase a range of styles that I’m currently working on, are bright and cheerful landscapes, and make bold colour statements.

Kate’s passion for colour is celebrated and clearly demonstrated in her naive landscape artwork. Montville Art Gallery is very excited to be sharing new work from Kate in the gallery this month.

Click here to see the complete range of works available for sale. If you can get into the gallery to see her work for yourself, you won’t be disappointed, the colours are beautiful and vibrant.

Kate’s work is influenced by childhood memories and experiences. She worked as a graphic designer and illustrator for advertising agencies in Sydney and Brisbane until 2017 when she ended her corporate career to focus on her own artistic talents. She now works from her own creative studio, using colour to create naive and sometimes whimsical worlds on her canvas. She invites the viewer to enter the realm of the imagination by exploring the hues and shapes of her compositions. Landscapes offer the perfect outlet for presenting colour in riotous combinations in some instances, and in others a more muted but still impactful approach.