A Guide to Collecting Art

Buying and collecting art is exciting and richly rewarding, and can be surprisingly inexpensive. If you’re like most people, you know how to buy art on a piece-by-piece basis, but would like to be more accomplished at formulating a plan for making multiple acquisitions over time, or in other words, building a collection. You can find art you like just about anywhere you look, and in a seemingly endless array of subject matters, mediums and price ranges, but sifting through it all in a systematic manner can be over whelming and even intimidating.
So how do you decide where to focus and what direction to go in? How do you relate one purchase to the next? How do you organise or group your art together in ways that make sense? How do you present it? And most importantly, how do you do all these things well? This is what collecting is all about, it’s the ultimate case of controlled purposeful buying.
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