Karen Atkins – Featured Artist February 2023

Karen Atkins – Featured Artist February 2023

“My paintings are a meandering through personal experience and recollections. They celebrate the beauty and wonder of everyday events. I use texture and a colour drenched palette to tell stories and convey heartfelt emotions that I hope engage viewers and connect them to universal themes and feelings.”

Karen Atkins is an established contemporary artist who has drawn and painted all her life. Her whimsical style draws from personal connections to landscapes and myths, creating artworks with a surreal, dream-like quality. Her paintings are quirky, imaginative, funny and fascinating all at the same time; animals and events in extraordinary settings, leaving the viewer wanting to know more.

Karen’s subject matter changes constantly, from painting still life to images reflecting her former life on the land.  She prefers to paint with acrylic, allowing her to work as quickly as the ideas and thoughts come to her.

Citing everyday life as her inspiration, Karen infuses a sense of meaning into places and objects, transforming the ordinary into the wonderful. 

View more of Karen’s work available from Montville Art Gallery.