August Newsletter from Montville Art Gallery

August heralds the arrival of two new exciting artists at Montville Art Gallery. Bruce Buchanan, a world-class water-colourist with superbly detailed and evocative boat scenes, landscapes and man-made structures, reflecting his previous experience as an architect.


Steve Tyerman has bought in his new collection of native wildlife, viewed from his home in the hinterland. Small in scale but with huge impact, these thick impasto works have a character and vitality like no other, and are typical of Steve’s style.


Wayne Malkin has released his next work in the popular Turbulence series, #10, 80x190cm, ideal for feature walls where the viewer can stand back and feel the full impact of the painting.

We also have exciting new artists exhibiting from the Lethbridge Gallery in Brisbane, among them Bronwyn Searle, Raelean Hall, Brett Lethbridge and Pat Hall.


Our recent ‘Oil Painting for Beginners’ full-day workshop was a success with the participants taking away two completed paintings and being surprised at what they had achieved. We are now taking registrations for the next workshop, email the gallery for more info. Our new and updated website is currently underway and allowing for a short downtime while it’s published, should be up and running this week. All of the above artworks are currently available – please email or call us if you wish to purchase or for us to hold a work for you to view.

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